Oprah Winfrey

TV Host Jet-lagged, frazzled, on the verge of a cold? Rev up your energy with these little shots made from vitamins, green tea leaf extract and more. - O Magazine

Amar'e Stoudemire

Hapoel Jerusalem B.C. You know what I use before games to keep me healthy, to give me natural energy, to keep me in shape? EBOOST. It gives you the natural vitamins, the nutrients, and supplements you need to stay healthy and active. You have to try it!


Singer Shakira spotted sipping on EBOOST shots before getting on stage for L.A. performance. - US Weekly

Kelly Ripa

Actress, TV Host The endlessly energetic Ripa fuels up with an AM Smoothie. Here's how to make her tasty breakfast shake: Take one pack of orange-flavored EBOOST®, 1/2 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, one banana, 12 ounces of almond milk and blend. - Yahoo Shine

Kristen Taekman

Entrepreneur, Mom, Former RHONY, founder of Pop Of Color® I have two young kids and DO NOT know what I would do without my EBOOST! I stopped drinking coffee 6 years ago and take one EBOOST after breakfast and one after lunch instead. It makes me feel vitalized and focused without the jitter and crash.

Giuliana Rancic

TV Host & Correspondent Bill and I drink EBOOST almost every morning before workout. Healthy -- no jitters!

Owen McKibbin

Celebrity Trainer I love the healthy energy & hydration POW gives me, allowing me to maximize my workouts and allows my body to hydrate and recover. I recommend it to all my clients.

Russ Marchewka 

Pro Volleyball Player I was blown away by POW® from the first taste. It tastes unlike any other workout drink I've ever had. It was delicious, but most importantly, I had the best workout. I pushed myself to the limit and wanted more. I felt so good, I think I could have done 2 workouts back to back. I'm torn about recommending it to my competition because this stuff is next level.

Trent Bender

SUP pro athlete EBOOST POW works, after five years off from all pre workouts I now have a reason to start back. Love the feeling POW gives me and it is all natural no BS added. It is a game changer for all my workouts and feeling great during and after getting that CLEAN Pump back going to make all kinds of gains thanks to POW!

Anthony Fasano

Miami Dolphins @EBOOST thanks for keeping my teammates and me stocked with product." (Via Twitter)

Shedaun Smith

Junior NPC competitor I took it while lifting weights, and it brought out the focused beast out of me! It doesn't have those harsh side effects like itching and rapid heart racing like other pre- workouts. I lifted heavy weight more easily and with great form. And I took less breaks between sets and workouts.

Mark Shipman

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Master Trainer I got it and I loved it!! I used both prior to two different types of workouts: one very cardio driven and one weight driven. Such a boost!

Meredith Freeman

NPC Bikini Competitor/Fitness Model/Equinox PT I'm always skeptical about new products on the market but am so excited to have found a pre-workout that not only smells and tastes amazing, but gives me energy through my entire workout. I am also someone who is sensitive to supplements and love that it's all natural. I can't wait to share this gem with my clients and use it for my prep!

Heather Bauer

Nutritionist, Author, Entrepreneur Spruce is genius! Finally an on-the-go, portable, NON GMO, farm fresh, option for the most busy people to get THREE servings of veggies, 6 grams of fiber and only 2 grams of sugar all in one packet. You never have to leave home without your greens again!

Molly Rieger

Karlie Kloss Dietician and Nutritionist EBOOST really helps with jet lag. This is was I call natural Red Bull.

Maeghan Ray Hall

Health enthusiast and juice fanatic SPRUCE is the amazing addition to my day that not only saves me $15 a bottle from buying a pressed juice, but it gives me all the same nutrition on-the-go, NYC lifestyle. I carry it around with me everywhere so I have no excuse not to get my veggies for the day! It tastes delicious and it gives me the extra energy boost I need with just a small boost of natural caffeine.

Mel Francisco Gonzales

D2 College Tennis Player I'm very much into health and fitness. Unfortunately, given my schedule of work & training, I rarely have time to prepare home-cooked meals. So I was super excited when EBOOST released Spruce. Glad I can get my greens on the go. And it tastes so good too.

Heen Sasithorn

Actress & Model I've always been into juicing but it can be time consuming and costly. Finding SPRUCE has been amazing, it tastes great, convenient and mixes so easy. I always travel with a few packets of SPRUCE since it can be a challenge to find healthy eating alternatives.

Taylor Bosco

Founder of My Body Taylor, Personal Trainer & Life Coach Gut health is KEY to feeling good, as an unhealthy gut is a major cause of inflammation leading not only to inflamed joints, low energy, messed up digestive system, bad skin and headaches, but it also leads to anxiety and depression. Inflammation in your brain causes depression and anxiety, so making sure you've got a healthy gut to avoid this is HUGE. It's been a game changer for me, and I'm thrilled eboost combined necessary digestive enzymes with a 20 billion dose of probiotics, exactly what I need to keep uplifting myself and others.

Brian Herrington

Fitness Instructor at AsOne For someone who consumes a substantial amount of protein, I would find myself juggling between different protein powders, never sticking with just one, because of their bland taste or their so-called “healthy” ingredients. I was fortunate enough to sample EBOOST’s newest grass-fed whey protein line, PRIME, and simply put; WOW. With the combination of the delicious flavor, and it’s all-natural ingredients, I get the best of both worlds now! No more juggling for this guy!

Jennifer Jacobs

Peloton Instructor and founder of J Method Fitness Getting the right amount of protein is critical to maintain lean muscle mass and recover after exercising. I'm so glad EBOOST is coming out with PRIME! I love that it is a grass-fed whey protein and has all of those added benefits like digestive enzymes (to help you digest the protein), tart cherry (for anti-inflammatory) and probiotic (for a healthy gut). Probably one of the best tasting chocolate protein I've ever tried too, and even when mixed with just water (reminds me of Nesquik!)