FAQ (backup)

What is EBOOST?

EBOOST is a premium, vitamin-infused energy supplement that comes in powder or shot form. EBOOST's natural proprietary blend of green tea, green coffee, vitamins, electrolytes and nutrients supports energy, focus, and recovery. EBOOST gives all those who rely on it a healthy lift to feel great and do more. And don't worry, EBOOST is free of artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

What vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are integral in the 4 vital elements of EBOOST?
  1. For Energy: Green tea extract (source of natural caffeine), Green coffee bean extract, Glucuronolactone, Vitamin B-12, Astragalus, and Quercetin
  2. For Health: Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol and Vitamin D.
  3. For Recovery: Minerals (including Potassium and sodium for electrolyte replenishment), and essential vitamins (including Vitamin C)
  4. For Focus: Vitamin B-12, Green Tea Extract, Huperzine, and Vinpocetine.
What is an effervescent?

An effervescent, like EBOOST, is a great delivery system to ensure complete and quick disintegration of all active ingredients into your system. Because all of the active ingredients are completely soluble, you can be sure that you are receiving all the great benefits of EBOOST.

How soon does EBOOST effervescent powders need to be consumed after it is made?

We recommend consuming EBOOST within about ten minutes of mixing it up. It's just fine if you wish to mix up a packet ahead of time. Try to drink it up the same day you mix it up

Can I drink EBOOST effervescent powders hot?

Yes, you can drink EBOOST hot. Just remember that the hotter the water, the “fizzier” the reaction will be when you pour in the powder. Check out our blog for EBOOST recipes (think hot tea, almond milk, soy milk...).

Does the FDA regulate EBOOST?

Yes, the FDA regulates all dietary supplements and the facilities in which they are manufactured.

Can I take EBOOST everyday?

Yes, EBOOST is recommended for daily use, up to 2x a day.

Who should take EBOOST?

Anybody who is concerned about wellness and maintaining their health. EBOOST is a natural way to help keep you at peak performance. EBOOST is specially formulated for those who wish to operate at full capacity despite busy lifestyles and demanding schedules.

When should I take EBOOST?

EBOOST can be taken daily whenever you need a quick "pick me up" or energy boost. EBOOST can be taken daily to help support your focus & concentration, and assist the body in recovery and performance from such things as workouts, jet lag, and a long night out.

Should I be concerned with any of the levels of vitamins in EBOOST?

No, you should not be concerned with any of the levels of vitamins in EBOOST. Water-soluble vitamins will "wash out" of your system if you have more than you need. By the same token, since your body does not store them, you need to replenish them every day.

Is EBOOST gluten and wheat free?

Yes, EBOOST is gluten-free.

Does EBOOST contain caffeine?

Yes, EBOOST contains naturally occurring caffeine from green tea leaf extract. EBOOST contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. EBOOST has been specially formulated to help eliminate that "jittery" feeling and avoid the "crashing" that so many inferior energy products cause.

Does EBOOST contain yeast?

No, EBOOST does not contain yeast.

Does EBOOST contain lactose?

No, EBOOST does not contain lactose.

Does EBOOST contain any peanut and/or peanut related materials?

No, EBOOST does not contain any peanut and/or peanut-related materials.

Can I take EBOOST if I am pregnant or nursing?

As with all supplements, any person pregnant, nursing or taking medication should consult with their doctors before use.

Can children take EBOOST?

As EBOOST contains naturally occurring caffeine, we do NOT recommend children taking EBOOST.

Is EBOOST suitable for diabetics?

EBOOST is not sweetened with sugar. However anyone with a health condition should check with a doctor before using EBOOST.

Does EBOOST have electrolytes?

EBOOST contains two key electrolytes to replenish your body: potassium and sodium. In fact EBOOST has more potassium than the leading coconut water (580mg vs. 515mg).

Is EBOOST manufactured in the USA?

Yes. All of our EBOOST products are either manufactured in NJ or FL.

Do you use artificial dyes to color EBOOST?

No, we use natural ingredients to color EBOOST, such as vegetable juice color, natural beet color, etc.

Why do I find black spots in my drink?

Those black spots are totally safe to drink and are not foreign ingredients. They are due to all the natural extracts such as green tea leaves extract, green coffee been extract, and grape seed extract present in our formula. Don't leave those healthy antioxidants at the bottom of your glass!