Lindsey Clayton EBOOST Brand Ambassador

13 January 2016

Lindsey Clayton Brand Ambassador
You may have seen our newest EBOOST® Brand Ambassador Lindsey Clayton's passion for fitness on Bravo TV’s new show  “Work Out New York” or her boundless energy in the national tour of the Broadway show “Hairspray.” You can also find her working hard in the gym and helping people stay fit online. As an elite trainer, with an A-list of clients and the co-founder of the Brave Body Project, Lindsey's on a mission to help people achieve their best body and their best life, while doing it in a realistic, relatable and fun way. We’re proud to have her on the EBOOST team! Let’s see how she stays fit and fuels her amazing life.

Why do you use EBOOST?

I never go into a workout without my EBOOST POW! It’s the only clean pre-workout supplement on the market that gives me the energy I need to perform during my workouts!

What’s your workout routine?

I try to mix up my workouts and try new things every week! New York City has so much to offer in terms of fitness, you can always find something new to try!  I love to run and you can find me on the tread at Barry’s Bootcamp or on the mat at Y7 Yoga throughout the week.  Having fun is the most important part of my workout which is why you’ll always find me in the gym with my Brave Body Project co-founder Amber.  We love creating new workouts for the Brave Body Project online fitness membership and spend a lot of hours sweating it out together creating new and fun compound exercises to incorporate into our workout videos!

What’s your typical diet?  

I’m a creature of habit and generally eat the same thing every day!   Breakfast:  Avocado toast (1 Ezekiel English muffin, 1/2 an avocado mashed up, 2 eggs over medium topped with red pepper flakes and salt) Pre Workout:  EBOOST POW Post Workout: Simply PB Shake from Barry’s Bootcamp Snack: Sliced Turkey and hummus Dinner: BBP Bowl - 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup black beans, grilled chicken, salsa and 1/4 avocado Dessert:  1 dark chocolate square I swear I eat this almost every day!  My other favorite snacks are almonds, Quest bars and 1/2 cup whole oats with peanut butter! Lindsey may be a creature of habit, but she has awesome, healthy habits that she shares with people everywhere to help us be strong, eat well, and find our “brave” side. Get great tips and inspiration from Lindsey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.