EBOOST 4 Minute Challenge - Win a Year's Supply of POW

08 January 2016

Are you up for a challenge?! Start 2016 off with a bang and beat Michael Barbot, J2Fit co-founder, in the EBOOST® 4 Minute Challenge! All you have to do is complete more reps of these four exercises than Mike did in the same time period. The first 10 people to upload their video doing more than 175 reps will win a year’s supply of  POW®, a natural pre-workout from EBOOST.

Take the EBOOST® 4 Minute Challenge

To win, follow the instructions below and beat Mike Barbot’s score, co-founder of J2FIT. All you have to do is complete over 175 repetitions of the exercises listed below in 4 minutes! That means, you need to complete 3 rounds and do 5 burpees, 10 pushups, and at least 11 sit-ups within 4 minutes to win a year supply of POW®! One (1) round consists of: This is a total of 50 repetitions per round.

How to Enter

Complete the EBOOST 4 Minute Challenge, post the video on YouTube or Facebook and share the link on your social media pages. Use hashtag #POWchallenge and be sure to tag @eboost (Facebook and Twitter). And if you want to boost your challenge, order POW today. POW is packed with ingredients to boost your workout to the next level! Key ingredients include beta-alanine (for muscle endurance), FruiteX-B (joint comfort), beet juice powder (antioxidants), DMAE (memory and focus support), and natural caffeine from unroasted seeds of coffee fruit!

Important Notes

Warning: the EBOOST 4 Minutes Challenge is an intense exercise that shouldn’t be taken if you have health issues or are not exercising regularly. By entering this challenge, you agree that EBOOST cannot be held accountable for any health issues or injuries caused during this challenge. If you are unsure about your health condition, please consult your doctor before taking this challenge. Disclaimer: By entering this contest and sharing your videos on social media, you grant the right to EBOOST to use and share all images, videos and footages for perpetuity. The EBOOST® 4 Minute Challenge is open until January 31st so hurry for a chance to win!