SPRUCE Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

14 December 2015

SPRUCE Pick-Me-Up Smoothie EBOOST® Brand Ambassador and health and wellness coach Nedi Varbanova is working magic in the kitchen again - and all to bring us healthy and great-tasting recipes. Today, she has an EBOOST SPRUCE Pick-Me-Up smoothie! Nedi's green apple with ginger and banana combo is so delicious. The smoothie is packed with tons of vitamins and each package of SPRUCE provides you with three servings of veggies and six grams of fiber. Plus, the additional protein powder and hemp seeds will give you so much energy and you're sure to have a killer work out or the energy you need to power through any task.

SPRUCE Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Serves 2



Blend all of the ingredients in a blender and enjoy! Thanks, Nedi, for another awesome recipe packed full of natural energy and goodness! You can find more amazing recipes on Healthy With Nedi!