Daray Hill EBOOST Brand Ambassador

07 December 2015

Daray Hill EBOOST Brand AmbassadorDaray Hill is our first former pro-basketball EBOOST® Brand Ambassador. Daray was born and raised in Kansas City. He played college basketball in Washington, D.C. and for a short time as a pro. For the last few years, Daray has fallen in love with personal training and works in New York City. He takes all he learned as a professional athlete and uses that drive and knowledge to help his clients achieve their goals.

Why do you use EBOOST?

EBOOST is the difference maker. It keeps me moving longer and keeps me on track with a good diet. Provides me with the necessary energy and vitamins I need to work hard and get results.

What’s your workout routine?

My favorite exercise routine is my leg workout:

Five-minute warm up

Plyometrics: Squat jumps 3 sets 20 reps Jump thrust 3 sets 20 reps Power step ups 3 sets 10 reps Burnouts 1 set 3 reps

Weights: Seated squats 3 sets 10 reps Deadlifts 3 sets 10 reps TRX hamstrings 3 sets 10 reps

Speed work: Resistance sprints 3 sets for 25 yards No resistance sprints 3 sets for 25 yards

Stretch and foam roll for 10 minutes

What’s your typical diet?  

First thing in the morning I have a wheatgrass shot and protein shake. I also take a EBOOST energy shot before I hit the road to my clients. Breakfast is often egg whites and oatmeal Snack: nuts or granola bar Lunch: grilled chicken and brown rice Snack: protein shake and nuts Dinner: fish and a green salad Take a look at some of Daray’s moves on Instagram and you can see that he’s all about dreaming big and working hard. We’re thrilled to have Daray as an EBOOST Brand Ambassador!