Danny Zapata EBOOST Brand Ambassador

23 November 2015

Danny Zapata EBOOST Brand AmbassadorDanny Zapata was born and raised in South Texas. Overweight through his teen years, he decided to make a change and embrace physical activity full throttle. Danny is a graduate of Marquette University where he studied theatre arts, criminology/pre-law studies AND dance. He and was also a member of the MU varsity rowing team and the Milwaukee rowing club. Here in New York City, Danny worked as a dancer before joining the Flywheel team as an indoor cycling instructor. He later joined the SLT instructor team and can now be seen on the schedule at City Row. He was also a contestant for Racked.com's NYC's 2015 Hottest Trainer

Why do you use EBOOST?

I try to keep my life as simple as possible and EBOOST fits right in–no crazy chemicals and amazing energy that LASTS and gets me going mentally as well as physically.

What's your workout routine?

I love to keep my workouts mixed. I take class at Flywheel Sports at least twice a week and mix in some Megaformer at SLT. City Row has transformed my lower body and is a great stress reliever. I try to take class at Barry's Bootcamp at least twice a week as well- especially on arm day and hardCore day. I'm also one of those "rare" people that loves to run on treadmills and Mile High Run Club is my new find. My goal is to workout (for myself) at least once a day, 6-7 days a week.

What's your typical diet?

My diet is simple - eat clean as much a possible. Low-dairy and gluten-free. No processed food. Not that I don't cheat because cheese is my vice and I give in at times. I try not to give myself a "cheat" because i don't do well with conditions. If I do cheat I make up for it in the studio. You're going to need your EBOOST® if you want to keep up with Danny! Follow him on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and see how he does it!