Carolina Aruja EBOOST Brand Ambassador

19 October 2015

Carolina Aruja EBOOST Brand Ambassador Carolina Araujo is a personal trainer at David Barton Gym and a National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor. Carolina is the 2015 New Jersey State Champ and the 2015 Europa Games Atlantic City champ! Carolina has had a competitive fire in her from a young age. She played European Handball for many years, but when she moved to the US from Brazil, she searched for a new sport to call her own. Then she found weight training, as a way to keep fit and be healthy as well as a way to help her be a better person. She found that fire again with bodybuilding. Now, as a personal trainer and bikini competitor, Carolina is driven by helping others evolve their bodies, becoming stronger.

Why do you use EBOOST?

As a personal trainer and fitness athlete the focus and intensity I am able to experience during my workouts is crucial. POW allows me to pick up my energy levels and have a kickass workout in the healthiest way possible.

What’s your workout routine?

Here’s an example of one of my “leg day” routines:

4x12-15 barbell squats 4x20 lateral squats 4x20 narrow stance leg press 4 drop sets 10/10/10 leg extensions 4x12 heavy dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 4x until failure bench glute extension with resistance bands 4x10 heavy lying hamstring curls bodyweight walking lunges 4x25 dumbbell walking lunges 4x15 bodyweight back extensions 4x20 bridges

What’s your typical diet?

My diet really varies depending on what stage of training I am in. During my off season, where my main focus is to refuel my body and add muscle back on my diet is filled with simple carbs, red meat, and lean protein like tuna and chicken. Breakfast: oatmeal, 1 egg and 4 egg whites, 1/2 scoop of protein shake, coconut oil Lunch: pasta, red meat (steak or ground beef), tomato sauce and olive oil Post workout meal: white rice and ground beef Dinner: red potatoes, chicken, 2 scoops of protein shake, avocado Night snack: Tuna or a protein shake I ALWAYS drink 2 scoops of protein shake post workout and carbs. Again, this is my off-season diet. When I am getting ready to go on stage, I eat less red meat and I have plenty of chicken, ground turkey and tilapia. Carolina brings excitement and passion to body building and personal trainer. She works tirelessly with clients to help them find their own fire and drive so they are successful and meet their fitness goals. Carolina is determined to become a force in the fitness industry! See Carolina’s fire on her Instagram account and get to know her on YouTube.