Daniela Brito EBOOST Brand Ambassador

01 September 2015

Daniela-Brito EBOOST Brand AmbassadorFitness and healthy lifestyle have been always part of Daniela Brito’s philosophy in life. At one point she was a competitive gymnast and athlete, but gave it up to pursue a career as a lawyer. After years working as an attorney she decided to follow her passion for fitness by helping others to build their connection with a healthy lifestyle. Now, Daniela is a full time personal trainer!

Why do you use EBOOST?

I use EBOOST because it gives me the energy I need to keep my body strong and my mind focused!

What’s your workout routine?

How does Daniela look so great? Here’s her five-days a week workout. See if you can keep up! Monday: Legs and abs Squats Free Bar: 4×15 Leg Extension: 4×15 Leg Press: 4×15 Hack Squat machine: 4×15 Walking lunges: 4×20 Crunches with plates on Stability Ball: 3×20 Abs Scissors Kick: 3×20 Reverse Crunch: 3×20 Tuesday: Chest, shoulders and triceps Dumbbell Chest press: 3x15 Dumbbell Pullover 3x15 Arnold Press: 3×12 Dumbbell Front Raise: 3x15 Dumbbell Side Raise: 3x15 Rear Delt High Rope Pull: 3x15 Push-ups: 3x10 Arnold Press: 3×12 Dumbbell Front Raise: 3x15 Dumbbell Side Raise: 3x15 Rear Delt High Rope Pull: 3x15 Triceps Kickback: 3×12 Triceps Cable Press Downs: 3×12 Triceps Dip Machine: 4×10 Wednesday: Hamstrings, plyos, animal flow and abs Deadlift With Barbell: 4×12 Stiff leg Deadlift barbell: 4×15 Hamstring Curl with sliders: 4×15 Leg Curl: 3x12 Plyos: 20 pop squats, step up with reverse lunge, skater lunge: 3 x 20 Animal flow: Traveling Ape, Kingdom Flow Crunches on cable: 4 x 25 Obliques chops on cable: 3×15 Plank on elbows and toes: (for about 4 min total) Thursday: Back, biceps and calves Chin ups: 3×10 Lat Pull-downs: 4×12 Lat pull down to the top of the head: 4x15 Seated Cable Rows: 3×15 T-Bar row: 3×12 Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl: 3×12 Superset Standing barbell curl: 3x15 (light and moving quickly) Hammer Curl: 3×12 Seated Calf machine: 3x15 Superset Dumbbell calves raises Friday: Glutes and abs Curtsy Squats: 4x10 each leg Superset Stationary Barbell side-to-side lunge Good Mornings: 3x15 Cable step out Squat: 4x10 each leg Weighted Crunches on machine: 3x20 Seat ups: 3x20 Barbell leg Raises: 3x20

What’s your typical diet?

I usually eat six meals a day: three main meals and three snacks. I always combine a quality protein with veggie type every meal. I eat every three hours and try to concentrate the carbs intake in the morning and afternoon. I’ve been taking SPRUCE™ every morning for the past two months and it makes a difference in my day, I feel more energized. I also take two scoops of whey everyday, one after training and one before bed, usually I mix the whey with unsweetened almond milk, berries and one spoon of peanut butter. Daniela says a focused mind and a strong body are important to her! And she needs them both working hard to help clients at Equinox in New York City achieve their fitness goals as well as keeping up with her own regime. Follow Daniela on Instagram and see her in action.