Cool, Energizing and Healthy Freezer Pops

19 August 2015

EBOOST-Freezer-Pops Summer’s not over yet! Besides, we’re loving all the great recipes EBOOST® fans are coming up with to stay cool and healthy. We have two to share with you today: EBOOST Melon Freezer Pops and Frozen Spruce Cubes!

EBOOST Melon Freezer Pops

These easy-to-make, tasty, refreshing treats are from celebrity chef Paula Hankin, The Kitchen Concierge!



Start by preparing the EBOOST as directed, then put the cantaloupe chunks and EBOOST into a food processor and blend! Pour the mixture into your favorite mold (shot glass, bowl, whatever!), cover and freeze overnight. The next time it’s too hot to move, or you just want a energizing and cool treat, reach for an EBOOST Melon Freezer Pop! More great recipes can be found on Paula’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Frozen SPRUCE Cubes & Pops

Our second recipe comes from Connie Lynn Mac (@connielynnmac on Twitter) who had the great idea to make up a package of SPRUCE™, pour the delicious  goodness into ice cube trays and freeze. The result: a versatile, naturally sweet, nutritious SPRUCE cube! What a great way to sweeten and cool a steaming cup of green tea or the perfect addition to a tall glass of lemonade! And don't you love the two-toned look of the cube?! We can't wait to see what Connie Lynn and Paula come up with next! Do you have an EBOOST recipe? tell us about it and we just may feature it too!