Introducing EBOOST POW - It’s Time to Love Your Workout

22 June 2015

POW_Banner Imagine feeling powerful and ready when it’s time for your next workout. EBOOST® POW® is a new powdered drink mix with amazing ingredients that promote maximum performance for your mind and body. We’ve designed POW as the pre-workout superenhancer for the rest of us! POW, a natural energy booster, is packed full of just the right ingredients in amounts that matter so your mind and body are ready for greatness.

How POW Works


Feel-great Endorphins & EnergyHealthy levels of “feel-great” neurotransmitters* are delivered right where you need it with select nutraceuticals: NICOTINOYL-GABA, N-ACETYL-TYROSINE, DMAE, AND NATURAL CAFFEINE. These nutraceuticals support healthy levels of “feel-great” neurotransmitters.* The caffeine in POW is extracted from unroasted (green) coffee seeds.


BETA-ALANINE is a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes greater exercise tolerance by supporting the ability of your muscle cells to buffer acid (hydrogen ion, a.k.a. H+) levels.* H+ levels are strongly linked to premature muscle fatigue during intense exercise.


FRUITEX-B® is a nature-identical form of boron known as calcium fructoborate that has been investigated in numerous clinical studies. It promotes joint comfort within as little as 1 week.*


BEET JUICE POWDER contains compounds like betanin and nitrate that support healthy antioxidant status and circulation.* Our beet powder is produced by spray drying the juice expressed from fresh, mature edible beets (Beta vulgaris). It contains 0.50-0.65% betanin, a pigment with antioxidant properties.*


Fast-acting Effervescent System We know you don't like standing around waiting for results. So we added something else you won't find in most pre-workout products: a European-inspired effervescent system. Add water to POW and it immediately starts fizzing. The effervescence supports fast absorption of the ingredients in POW. Faster absorption = faster results. And since POW is from EBOOST, you know it’s non-GMO, contains only natural caffeine and has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

EBOOST Brand Ambassador and Pro Volleyball Player, Russ Marchewka says:
I was blown away by POW® from the first taste. It tastes unlike any other workout drink I've ever had. It was delicious, but most importantly, I had the best workout. I pushed myself to the limit and wanted more. I felt so good, I think I could have done two workouts back to back. I'm torn about recommending it to my competition because this stuff is next level.
Shedaun Smith, a Junior NPC competitor and EBOOST Brand Ambassador says:
I took it while lifting weights, and POW brought out the focused beast in me! It doesn’t have those harsh side effects like itching and rapid heart racing like other pre-workouts. I lifted heavy weight more easily and with great form. And I tool fewer breaks between sets and workouts. I literally POWered through my workouts. It works with my I found natural untapped energy from within.
Whether you lift, spin, run, climb, bike, kick, punch, swim, dance or whatever, POW’s ability to shine a positive light on your mind and body will help you get more from your workout. If you’re ready to love your workout again, it’s time for EBOOST POW!