Sharon Feiereisen Discovers an Aphrodisiac for Working Out

18 June 2015

Pow Tubs Snob Essentials blogger Sharon Feiereisen was worried about keeping her energy up and staying boosted while her personal trainer is on vacation. Lucky for Sharon, she got her hands on EBOOST™ POW® and is ready to face two weeks at the gym alone!
I have an amazing personal trainer who I see every other day – spoiled, I know – but I justify the expense by reminding myself I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, or do any of the large number of unhealthy things that so many of the people I know spend most of their disposable income on. The problem is that I have become dependent on him and it’s very, very difficult for me to motivate myself to work out when I’m left to my own devices. Getting to the gym or a run path is not a problem…it’s pretty much instinct at this point for me to put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning but once I’m there my energy starts to dwindle – that is unless I power with EBOOST first.
Sharon also loves EBOOST Pink Lemonade as well as POW. With either natural energy boost,  she recommends adding a little bit of water and a LOT of ice to get the most boost for your workout or just the energy to keep powering through the day.