Nick Waninger EBOOST Brand Ambassador

12 June 2015

Nick-Waninger EBOOST Brand Ambassador Nick Waninger takes pride in his family and his faith. Nick’s earned a spot as a professional triathlete, TriDot coach and EBOOST® Brand Ambassador. In addition to running his own company, being a professional athlete with a wife and young children, Nick coaches a youth triathlon team called Tri4Him. Some of the kids are nationally ranked! To keep up with all this, Nick uses EBOOST to get him through his workouts and races.

Why do you use EBOOST?

As a former engineer and math major, skepticism runs about as thick as blood through my veins. I’ve had a hard time in the past accepting all the “natural” claims for energy and focus that most of those little bottles try to claim when sitting on the counters at the local gas station…hence why I’ve never taken anything (ever) other than EBOOST. Its natural ingredients provide exactly what I’m looking for on hard efforts and is a “go to” for my race morning as a near exclusive nutritional supplement (still need a few calories in addition).
I have seen physical evidence per statistical data and power files that have proven EBOOST a substantial part of my racing supplementation with increases in power percentages far over what my training load should support. There isn’t even any faith involved…look at the numbers... then get EBOOSTin’.

What’s your workout routine?

Many people would probably laugh at my current workout routine! I haven’t had much personal time in the past two years to do training exclusively for me. My training is almost exclusively with the youth team I coach (except for the swimming). Now, don’t let that fool you as we have kids that can throw it down with the best of most adults! So, for me, here is what a current week looks like: Monday Z4/5 bike intervals for 60-75 minutes, followed by a 20-30 minute transition run Tuesday Track workout totaling about 5 miles of running (including workups and cool down), then the kids’ team swims while I coach from the deck Wednesday 60-75 minute bike ride focusing on more on handling, pacelining/group skills with some shorter efforts mixed in followed by a 20 minute transition run Thursday Easier run of about 30 minutes and some strides/builds followed by a swim for the kids Friday I get in the occasional swim and a longer easy run with one of the kids on the team of about an hour at 7:30 pace Saturday 35-40 mile ride with longer high Z3 intervals/repeats and the occasional Z4 followed by a 15-20 min transition run Sunday Usually nothing as I like to spend the time with my family Whenever I have the chance to get out on my own and train, I love doing progression runs, descending mile repeats with 1 minute rest, and long steady hard rides.  Another favorite run workout is 3 x 2 miles starting at 5’ pace on the first mile, and cutting down to 4:45 or so by the last interval with 1-2’ rest between repeats. When training full time, I used to get in about 25 hours a week that consisted of about 30,000 yards of swimming, 250-300 miles of riding, and about 50-60 miles of running.

What’s your typical diet?

My current diet is actually more stringent that it has ever been (gotta find the edges to race fast without as much training…EBOOST is one of those!). I’ve never consumed fried foods, haven’t had a carbonated beverage for about 15 years, don’t care much for chocolate, and have removed most processed anything out of the daily routine as well. Our family tries to eat a whole foods diet with limited boxed items (except EBOOST of course!) and processed, high sugar foods. EBOOST is actually the only bottled supplement I take for training and racing due in large part to its clean ingredient list and largely natural energy/vitamin supplementation. Nick shared with us that two of his favorite quotes is “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” We know Nick has worked hard for all his luck and are proud to have him as one of our EBOOST Brand Ambassadors! You can follow Nick’s success on Facebook. Stay BOOST’d, Nick!