Orange Creamsicle Energy Smoothie with EBOOST

18 May 2015

Orange Creamsicle Energy EBOOST Smoothie We love the enthusiasm, energy and creativity of EBOOST fans! Liz Moody (whose @NotCrazyHealthy Instagram feed is full of great recipe ideas) sent us her recipe for Orange Creamsicle Energy Smoothies with EBOOST and we had to share! This smoothie is a one-stop breakfast shop, packed with protein, good fat, and fiber to keep you full through lunch - and, of course, the green tea extract and vitamins of EBOOST. It tastes exactly like the creamsicles or Orange Julius's of childhood, a wonderfully creamy mix of vanilla and citrus. To make, just blend:
And enjoy! How do you prefer your EBOOST? Share your favorite recipes with us in the comments or on Facebook.