Mark Shipman EBOOST Brand Ambassador

15 May 2015

0515 Mark Shipman EBOOST Brand Ambassador Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED Master Trainer and flywheel lead instructor, Mark Shipman is a workout beast and an EBOOST addict! He loves our shots to fuel his workout routines and power through his BODYSHRED classes.

Why do you use EBOOST?

I refuse to train, teach a class, get in front of a client or doing my own workout, EBOOST is the only thing that will get me through! Get BOOSTED!

What’s your workout routine?

My workout is pretty simple. Monday/Wednesday/Friday are weight lifting days with occasional cardio and Tuesday/Thursdays are all about light weights and intense cardio. And weight days are split between anterior and posterior: Anterior days consist of 3-4 sets of: Posterior Cardio is all over the place!

What do you eat in a typical day?

A typical day for me starts with an EBOOST shot along with my breakfast of apple cider vinegar with lemon, ginger and water; 3 scrambled egg whites; a chicken breast; tons of vegetables and a piece of whole-wheat toast. I’ll have 10-15 almonds and another EBOOST shot mid-morning. For lunch, I like a mixed green salad with salmon, more veggies, pumpkin seeds with an oil and vinegar dressing. My afternoon snack is a green vegetable juice with kale, cucumber, broccoli and protein powder. And dinner is usually steamed vegetables with chicken or salmon. If you want to keep up with Mark, you’d better bring your EBOOST! See where he’s training next and be inspired to feel great and do more follow Mark on Facebook, Twitter @markspiration and Instagram.