Patricia Walsh EBOOST Brand AmbassadorMeet EBOOST® Brand Ambassador Patricia Walsh. She set the world record for blind triathletes in 2011 and was the first blind engineer at Microsoft! In 1986, she lost most of her vision from a pediatric brain tumor. And eight years later, she became completely blind as a result of complications from an earlier surgery. In her teen years, Patricia found herself making poor choices: gaining weight, smoking and drinking. But she turned that all around big time! Patricia is a four-time National Champion, two-time Bronze medalist at the ITU World Championships, 2012 USAT Athlete of the Year and a two-time PATCO Gold Medalist! Today, Patricia’s goal is to be a member of the 2016 U.S. Paralympic triathlon team and we have every reason to believe she’s going to make it!

Why do you use EBOOST?

EBOOST has become an integral part of my fight against fatigue. The increase in carbs was one key building block. EBOOST helps me give energy without setting me up for spikes and crashes. I usually take a half of a shot before my morning swim, I then take the second half right before my second workout of the day. Seems like the exact right amount to ensure I can execute on my plan for the day everyday. I sometimes even mix my EBOOST with my electrolyte and drink while I’m on the bike. I always have a EBOOST shot in my purse just in case I feel like I don’t have the energy for my next workout.

What’s your workout routine?

Here’s what a typical week is like for me: Monday
  • 90-minute swim for distance with coach Whitney Headgepath, a two-time Olympic medalist!
  • 90-minute strength ride
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Strength training at the gym
  • 85-minute swim with coach Brenden Hanson, also an Olympic medalist
  • FTP test on the bike
  • Core strength
  • 85-minutes Interval training on the treadmill
Wednesday - Recovery Day
  • 90-minute at an easy pace on the bike
  • 45-minute “easy” run
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • 10x400 track workout
  • Strength training at the gym
  • 90-minute swim
  • 90-minute morning swim
  • 60-minute noon-time swim
  • Strength training at the gym
  • Easy bike ride
  • 5K race in the morning
  • Strength training at the gym
  • 60-minute easy swim
  • Power intervals on the bike with a long threshold
  • Easy run
  • Strength training at the gym
  • 60-minute easy swim

What’s your typical diet?

For years I was very low carb. Based on my level of activity the low carb was contributing to some fatigue, but it was tough to kick. I now focus on protein. I favor chicken breast, salmon or other fish, and 90/10 lean beef. Incidentally, one of my most recently acquired pet peeves is when I go to the butcher counter and ask for 90/10, they respond by saying, “We don’t have 90/10 we do have 93/7”…Come on now… you knew what I meant! I have added in sweet potatoes, quinoa, and black rice in small portions to up my carb intake for fuel. I try to have several small meals each day before, and most importantly, after workouts. My hope is to eat several meals throughout the day so I never feel too stuffed to do a good workout, while at the same time, avoiding getting so depleted that I accidentally eat a 20,000 calorie dinner. With Patricia’s drive and “blind ambition” we’re honored to have her as an EBOOST Brand Ambassador and we look forward to watching her earn a spot on the 2016 Paralympic team! Learn more about Patricia on her Blind Ambition website, Facebook and on Twitter.