Shedaun Smith EBOOST Ambassador

20 March 2015

Shedaun Smith EBOOST Brand Ambassador For many of our EBOOST Ambassadors fitness, in one way or another, is a full-time job. But Shedaun Smith is a vice president of a medical facility during the day, and a National Physique Committee Bikini competitor on the side!

Why do you use EBOOST?

I first tried the EBOOST powder supplements at the beginning of my competition preparation in late April of 2014. Within 20 minutes of trying it, I knew it was what I was searching for. EBOOST has supported me through the tiring cardio and workouts. It gives me the steady energy I need. And when it’s time to rest, there was no interference like those other energy shots and supplements. As I prepared to hit the National stage in August 2014, I felt healthy, strong, and confident, knowing I fueled my body by adding EBOOST to my regimen. And with its help, I placed 4th in my class of the International Federation of Bodybuilding North American Championships. Every day, I add the Natural Orange (my favorite flavor!) energy powder to my water. It helps keeps me focused, alert, and fueled. I also add Energy Powder to my post-workout Greek yogurt smoothie. EBOOST returns the nutrients to my muscles. As I prepare for my 2015 bodybuilding season, I feel confident, healthy, and whole. With EBOOST, I can push myself to higher level. I do those extra squats, I deadlift with more weight. I run longer. EBOOST helps me realize my potential of full power.

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What’s your workout routine?

Legs Day
Back and Biceps Day
Booty Day
Shoulders Chest and Triceps Day

What do you eat in a typical day?

I eat six times a day to keep my energy up. Here’s a typical day: Meal 1 (7 am) is 230 grams of egg whites, two slices of turkey bacon, 40g oatmeal with 1/2 cup of blueberries and pink or orange EBOOST in grapefruit juice. Meal 2 (9:30 am) is a protein shake whey isolate (at least 25 of protein) mixed with 40g of oatmeal. Meal 3 (Noon) I like to have four ounces of baked or grilled chicken breast, a sweet potato (four ounces) and one cup of green veggies. Meal 4 ( 3:00 pm) is another protein shake whey isolate (at least 25 of protein) mixed with 40g of oatmeal. Meal 5 (6:00 pm) I like to have lean steak (four ounces of fillet mignon or flank) or a white flaky fish (tilapia or cod) with four ounces of brown rice and one cup of green vegetables. Meal 6 (9:00 pm) is 230 grams of plain greek yogurt mixed with Açai EBOOST and a diced apple. You can see that keeping up with Shedaun is no easy task. Better have your EBOOST! Follow her training sessions and competitions on Instagram and Facebook.