Russ Marchewka EBOOST Ambassador

05 March 2015

Russ Marchewka EBOOST AmbassadorYou may have seen our previous articles featuring Russ Marchewka as he sports EBOOST gear tearing it up on the beach volleyball court. Now we’re pleased to announce that he’s an “official” EBOOST Ambassador! Russ has been using EBOOST as a natural energy supplement to keep him at the top of his game as an AVP Pro Beach Volleyball player. Let’s get to know more about Russ...

Why do you use EBOOST?

I use EBOOST because I am very strict what I put in my body. Like most athletes, I use a caffeine supplement to "boost" my energy before a workout or competition. However, caffeine is important to surround by quality nutrients because it causes dehydration and leaches nutrients from our body to buffer it. There are many physical benefits to caffeine supplementation though besides energy, including better circulation and oxidation of our blood. I supplement with a lot of different whole foods, so why wouldn't my energy supplement be whole-food, nutrient based too? I've found EBOOST to be the same price or even lower than inferior quality products, so why not treat yourself to the best?! I know it sounds generic, but I really do enjoy all the EBOOST flavors. I appreciate the fact that it doesn't have a bunch of artificial sweeteners, corn syrup or sugar to sweeten it. I'll add it to water, juice and my smoothies for a healthy energy BOOST.

What’s your workout routine?

My workout routine is a hybrid of endurance and strength, with a strong focus on my core.  Beach volleyball needs a ton of endurance, but running a marathon is not the same. Each play only averages 7-10 seconds, so I don't need to go for long, but I am using a lot of quick twitch muscles to run across the sand, and max jump every time. Balance and joint strength are critical.  Sometimes we have to play four or five matches in a day. Including warm up and cool down, that can be 6-7 hours of peak physical exertion in a day. I use the Bosu ball a lot in my workouts because of the ability to balance at the same time as emphasizing core strength and joint stability. I tend to do “super sets,” performing one exercise and then immediately transitioning into a related but different exercise of corresponding muscle groups. I typically start out with a slower repetition at heavier weight, something a little faster with less weight to follow, and then a fast, burnout type set without weight to conclude. For example, I may deadlift 275lbs 10 times, then right into 20 split leg squats with 25lb dumbbells in each hand and finish with 50 squats (no weights) on the flat side of the Bosu focusing on maintaining control of my legs as I speed through the squats. This is a lot of work for the legs in the span of 90 seconds! Three sets of that with some ab work in between while I "rest."

What’s your typical diet?

I am the only vegan pro beach volleyball player in the world. I pride myself in competing with the best in the world.  As a top 25 player in the U.S., my dream is to qualify for the Olympics someday.  I'm only 32 and my sport's maturation is typically in the mid to late 30s, so I feel like I'm just about to start realizing my potential. I desire to be among the world's best to satisfy my competitive aspirations, but also as an example to other "no meat athletes" that plant powered doesn't mean weak! I actually have trained my body to not require the sum of calories that conventional thinking would assume. I put on muscle and gain strength and stamina eating about 2000-2500 calories per day. My typical diet includes lots of super greens (green powders) omega 3 oils and coconut oils.  Smoothies are a daily habit with super foods like cacao, maca, goji berry and chia seeds and some rice protein. These provide me the building blocks of nutrition that I need (micronutrients, proteins and healthy fats) and then I just eat whatever sounds good. I love cooking. I make a lot of fun salads, roasted vegetables (cauliflower, beets, potatoes onions), homemade pastas, hummus, salsas, and whatever fruits are in season. One of my favorite snacks is sprouted grain bread with raw honey and peanut butter. AVP Pro Beach Volleyball starts up again in May, and we’re looking forward to cheering Russ on throughout the season. We know he’ll have all the energy he needs to compete! Get great nutrition and fitness tips from Russ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to encourage him on during the season too - and help him realize his Olympic dream!