Raechel Soicher EBOOST Ambassador

26 February 2015

Raechel Soicher EBOOST Ambassador Get to know Raechel Soicher, one of our new EBOOST Ambassadors. Raechel is a runner, blogger and an experimental psychologist who teaches at a community college in Florida. She discovered EBOOST when she was looking for a healthy and natural energy drink to keep her going during her killer workouts!

Why do you use EBOOST?

About a year ago I was looking for a new energy supplement and I found EBOOST. The scientist in me (I’m an experimental psychologist by training) wanted to know if the science behind the product in fact supported it.  Often times, I see tweets or other Internet posts about products that are obvious trash, completely duping the unaware. As I’m always teaching my college students – before making a decision, review the evidence!

What’s your workout routine?

Monday: A 3-4 mile run OR a strength workout
Tuesday: Rest day Wednesday: 3-4 mile run OR strength workout OR P90X
Thursday: Rest day Friday: Long run between 6-10 miles, depending on training Saturday: Cross-training (one hour TRX class or cycling) Sunday: A three-mile run

What do you eat in a typical day?

On a typical day for me starts with EBOOST powder and/or coffee, cereal or granola with milk, or protein shake for breakfast. My mid-morning snack is fruit or hummus and pita chips. You’ll find my lunch is often leftovers from last night’s dinner. I keep going in the afternoon with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. And for dinner I’ll have a protein, a vegetable and starch. I love shrimp with pasta!   I also drink EBOOST when I’m feeling especially tired (I love my coffee, but has no effect on me anymore) or when I feel a cold coming on (I credit EBOOST for many a defeated cold). In addition, if I just need a quick energy, I use the EBOOST Shot. This is especially helpful on or before my runs.   For more about Raechel follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, Instagram and take a look at her blog Psyched to Run as she’s racking up more miles and feeling great with EBOOST!