Tips to Avoid a Hangover

29 December 2014

14-1229 Hangover CuresTis the season for late nights and too many cocktails! But you don’t have to suffer in the morning. Here are a few tips on how to hold your liquor and minimize your New Years Day hangover. WebMD suggests you drink more - water! For every cocktail you enjoy, match that with a full glass of water. Pass on the bubbles. Don’t mix the hard stuff with a carbonated soda. Scientists have found that the bubbles make your body absorb the alcohol faster. Instead, mix your vodka, rum, or other spirit with fruit juice. Of course, this also means limiting your champagne toasts. Boost your system with a packet of EBOOST. nightlight beat writer says EBOOST is his hangover helper. Find more hangover tips on WebMD and add yours to the comments below. And before you go out on New Years Eve, pick up a pack of EBOOST at a store near you.