Heart Rate Monitors Valuable Tool or a Waste of Money?

12 November 2014

Annie Pokorny Nordic Skier Heart Monitor We’ve talked about how Apple’s new HealthKit may transform how we monitor our bodies. Soon our every body function may be tracked by our phones! But does that mean we should? Outside Magazine did an article recently about how two world-class cross-country skiers feel about heart rate monitors. According to the article, Annie Pokorny (in photo above) “checks her monitor every morning before getting out of bed to see how well she’s recovered from training.” On the other hand, Sylvan Ellefson “trained with a heart-rate monitor for most of his career, then decided this year to ditch it in favor of just listening to his body.” Have you tried using a heart rate monitor? If so, we’d like to know how it worked for you.  

Photo credit: Steve Fuller for Flyingpointroad Photography