AccuRoller Adjustable Massage Stick

29 October 2014

SKLZ Roller Yesterday we showed you how to sleep better with a bedtime yoga workout. But maybe you could use a bit more muscle relief? We came across the SKLZ AccuRoller Adjustable Massage Stick and thought it looks like a great way to aid in muscle recovery after a workout. According to SKLZ, the massager has “interchangeable balls [which] can be reconfigured on the rod to hit different trigger points. Improve flexibility, strength and preparation for any activity. Webbed straps at each end help grip while in use to hit those hard to reach areas. Durable balls roll independently over the muscle for a dynamic stretch.” On Amazon the reviewers say it’s a nice addition to a foam roller for hitting those small spaces and specific myofascial soreness. You can also see a demo of the AccuRoller on the SKLZ website. How do you workout the kinks before or after a workout?