Vegan AVP Pro Russ Marchewka & EBOOST

06 October 2014

Russ Marchewka EBOOST AVP Pro Beach Volleyball player Russ Marchewka is very careful about what he puts in his body. In fact, Russ has been a vegan since 2009. So, when Russ choose EBOOST as his “go to” healthy energy supplement, you know he did his homework first. On Russ’s Facebook page, he explains why he uses EBOOST:
“If you think that athletes aren't using energy supplements, you're crazy. First of all, caffeine has been shown time after time in studies to boost athletic performance when used in moderation. “By moderation, I'm talking about levels of 100-250mg of caffeine have been shown to increase blood oxygen levels and increase short-term endurance. “Secondly, if you think it's easy to play 4 matches per day, warm up and cool down with each one and maintain a physical edge, it is very hard. As a health geek, I only want to put the best stuff in my body. I like whole-food nutrition best which is why I love EBOOST! “Sometimes it's hard to get a good night's sleep when you're all beat up from playing the day before, or you're stressing about how to beat your next opponent. EBOOST created 2 energy supplements: shot and powders. They both have flavors that taste pretty darn good, and are actually cheaper than a lot of the ‘name brand’ energy drinks and shots. I love them because you get really high quality plant-sourced nutrients for cheaper than the conventional crap. Win/Win!”
We’re proud to sponsor Russ congratulate him on a great AVP Pro season. We look forward to seeing more of him next year - especially rockin’ his EBOOST trunks.