EBOOST Is Part of This Triathlete's Nutrition Trifecta

03 October 2014

Triathletes Tri4Him Jared Milam is a professional triathlete and writes for the Tri4Him website. Jared lives and trains in Colorado and knows more than a thing or two about what it takes to be a high-performance athlete. In a recent article Nutrition Trifecta, Jared dives into the three nutritional factors that help him improve his training and performance:
  1. Overall general healthiness and fast recovery
  2. Sustained energy over the course of my training and racing
  3. Energy required to initiate my training
It’s this last point that we wanted to note. Jared uses EBOOST to make sure he has the healthy energy he needs. In fact, Jared says:
"EBOOST gets you “up” and makes you feel good at the same time so you can do the training you need to do. It works just like an effervescent so there’s hardly any preparation time. I don’t know how many key workouts I would have missed if I haven’t had this to keep me going during the day."
We’re thrilled Jared chooses EBOOST which helps him have greater endurance and be a stronger athlete.