The benefits of Vitamin B12

17 June 2014

B12What's all the talk about vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 helps to keep your nerves in check and blood cells healthy. Why is this so important? It helps to act as a calming and balancing agent to keep you feeling happy and sharp. When you’re feeling cloudy headed and down, it may even help to alleviate depression with a natural compound that helps to make Serotonin in your body!
How does B12 get into your system? It’s a fast-acting vitamin that gets broken down by your stomach acid, and separates from the proteins that it’s attached to. Your body can then absorb the B12 and reap the benefits of the vitamin. If you can get B12 in a liquid form, your body can absorb it more quickly and use it for energy, clarity and other sources of essential fuel!
Many people are low on vitamin B12 and suffer from B12 deficiency. Almost 15% of the population’s B12 tanks are running on nearly empty as they putt around with no energy or mental clarity, and an unbalanced nervous system. We can’t stress just how important it is to keep your levels of B12 up in order to help your body stay healthy and in sync with itself on all levels- mentally, physically and emotionally.
Whether you’re headed to work for a long and mentally exhausting day, or going to run a physically strenuous and exhausting marathon, B12 should be your co-pilot vitamin you can count on to get you through your demanding lives during any activity
vitamin_b12So how do you get this wonderful vitamin we speak so highly of? Certain foods contain high source of B12, like beef, liver, and clams. You can also find it in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and other dairy products. But sometimes even healthy food isn’t enough to fully support the amount of nutrition you need to feel your best and keep you going.
We know what you’re thinking....EBOOST. What a cliché, right? Well, it doesn’t contain all that B12 for no reason! One serving of EBOOST delivers a high amount of B12 combined with other essential nutrients to deliver the key vitamins your body needs to feel optimal and keep your B12 tank full! In fact, each serving of EBOOST contains at least 2x more B12 than the leading energy shot! You can find it in a liquid form through our shots, or a powder form through our packets.
If you’re feeling low, make sure your tank isn’t running on empty without the proper nutrients and vitamins. Get that B12 and take control over your energy levels! Your body and your mind will thank you as they work synchronically to get you through each day at your absolute best. That and exercise, of course! So rev up your engines and fear no more.
On your marks....get set....BOOST!