GMO? More like GM-nO!

21 April 2014

Non-GMO copyThere was a time when many of us would find ourselves grabbing that impulsive juice off the shelf or that candy bar we were craving after dinner- but the times have changed. Now we find ourselves analyzing labels and scanning down the ingredients of a beverage while trying to decide which drink will accompany our healthy sandwich for lunch. 
As educated consumers, it’s no question that information being more prevalent regarding foods and beverages being genetically modified has weighed in importance to us. Being informed on where our products derive from has made us think twice before we purchase something because it “looks healthy.”
Being in the know is not only taking over with major stores allowing certain brands in their establishments with industry non-GMO standards, but it’s also a determining factor with many of our own health standards and practices.  We all deserve the right of choice with deciding on what we put in our bodies, but we make it a point to stay up with industry standards and product quality by ensuring that we’re offering the best products we possibly can at EBOOST.  That’s why our shots are non-GMO and deliver only the healthiest, premium ingredients for your body, your health and your environmentally conscious choices. We are making a conscious effort to make all of our products meet these industry standards, and we take pride in our ingredients being out in the open for you to see.
When we say “take your best shot,” we actually mean it. So go ahead- take your best shot!
(You knew we were going to say that).