Sippin' on Green Tea

13 February 2014

  What’s all the hype about Green Tea? People have been raving about it since 900 AD- well before we knew how awesome it actually is or even what a “Polyphenol” is. The Green Tea Polyphenols have been studied extensively and prove to hold their own in the world of health and being beneficial to us on a daily basis. The question that many people have had holds bearing to whether or not you can actually extract all the benefits of the Green Tea leaves and still get the vital nutrients from them after extraction. Well, here is a quick little science lesson that sums up just how great Green Tea Extract is. We heard that Bill Nye is retired, so we found some informative studies, instead...   Green-tea-leaves Green Tea is derived from the tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis. The Flavanols that are found in the leaves hold the key to opening the doors of the numerous health benefits that give Green Tea Extract (GTE) its super powers. These Flavanols are loaded with healthy benefits- from dietary cancer prevention and free-radical fighting agents to providing a natural source of healthy energy.   The natural caffeine found in GTE Flavanols have been found to contribute to a higher source of antioxidant intake, increased metabolic function and even to help decrease bad LDL cholesterol levels. In fact, an extensive study on GTE daily ingestion showed an increase in acute fat oxidation during moderate to intense exercise by 17%.   What the heck are we talking about?   Basically, it’s a way of saying that Fats (or lipids) are stored in very large molecules, that are good for insulation. Fat oxidation is the body's way of breaking down these larger molecules into smaller molecules so it can use them for energy instead of storing carbohydrates and extra calories; further proof that healthy cholesterol (HDL) is supported and unhealthy cholesterol is essentially blocked.   green tea extract EGCg Aside from benefiting the metabolism, beauty comes from the inside out. That’s why it’s important to put your best face forward trough treating your internal system right. Beauty can emanate through your skin, and GTE happens to contain Methylxanthines that work to decrease inflammation and stimulate circulation. The result? Attributes to toned and healthy skin. What’s not to love about facing your day with natural energy and a natural source of skin-rich antioxidants?   We could go on and on about our love-love relationship with Green Tea Extract, but we don’t want to bore you. In the meantime, get off the web and go enjoy one of the healthiest ingredients you can get your lips on! Sip, sip away! Your body will thank you now and in the long run!  (obviously,