The Posh Mom

09 May 2013

The Posh Mom - EBOOST

The Posh Mom talks about EBOOST, and here is what she says:   "Who couldn’t use more energy and a positive mood boost? Unfortunately most energy drinks don’t come with a mood boost, but rather a major crash, lots of chemicals, and even more high fructose sugar. Not so with EBOOST, which is truly the only all natural healthy energy drink.   The delicious drink (our fave is the pink lemonade over ice), has a strong celebrity and athlete ambassador base including Julianna Margolis, Oprah, Heidi Klum, Amar’e Stoudemire and Jillian Michaels, who is the newly appointed, Chief Energy Officer. Martha Stewart even went so far as to say that she, “Never travels without it.” The big secret behind the healthful ingredients and fantastic taste (trust us it’s super refreshing, especially on a warm day), is that one of the founders, John McDonald, owns restaurants including Lure, El Toro Blanco, and Burger & Barrel - clearly a foodie in addition to being a heath and fitness aficionado.   So next time you’re running on empty (we know, we know sometimes that feels like every day…), reach for one of the brand’s lightly effervescent boosters which not only boost energy, but give you more vitamins and less calories and sugar than if you have one glass of OJ and a cup of coffee combined.   Drink up!"   See full article here!