OK! Magazine - Jillian's Shares Realistic Tips For Getting Bikini Ready

17 April 2013

OK! Magazine - Jillian's Tips for Getting Bikini ready   Jillian Michaels reveals to OK! Magazine her realistic tips for getting bikini ready in time for summer.   Here is what she says about EBOOST: "EBOOST is a MUST have for me. In addition to being a mom of two small kids, I'm in the middle of my first LIVE speaking tour. The entire family is literally crossing the US and Canada over the next two months, making stops in 34 cities. Needless to say, I definitely look for ways to boost my energy and EBOOST is my go-to. It is all-natural, which is key for me. It's clean energy, drink packed with vitamins, nutrients, and green tea extract, so I'm getting that energy punch I need in a healthy way. and it comes in handy packets that I can just stick in my bag and mix with water on the go!"   Read the full article here.