The Good Bacteria Balancing Act

22 January 2013

"Eboost" "Cold" "Flu" "Health" "Tummy" "Immunity" "Vitamins" "Nutrients" "Probiotics" "Good Bacteria" "Intestinal Flora" "Antibiotics" "Stress" Time to tame your tummy.  Most of your health begins with your digestive system and in order to maintain that health, you have to have a balance of good bacteria in your body.  We said it! The right kind of bacteria can be your friend and you better get acquainted since the bacteria that live in your intestines make up about 7lbs of you from your mouth to your bottom. Probiotics play an important role in the health of your gut by supplying living microorganisms that are similar to the good bacteria that live naturally in your digestive tract.  Probiotics can be found in both food and dietary supplements, but before you start popping pills and swimming in yogurt it’s important to understand why probiotics are necessary. Unfortunately, things like stress, diet, travel, and antibiotics can upset the balance of good bacteria in your system, compromising ‘gut flora’. Your gut flora helps you properly digest your food and detoxify harmful compounds while also facilitating other important functions of the body.  That being said, antibiotics, while appropriate at times, are often abused destroying your intestinal flora, which is why it is especially important to take probiotics at the same time (alternating time of day with the antibiotics).  Since 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, you’re going to want to go with your gut on this one and make sure it’s being taken care of with a good daily probiotic. Remember that probiotics are alive, so select one that includes an expiration date!