5 Easy At-Home Workouts

25 December 2012

Gym closed this Christmas day?   Don’t let that hold you back!  Burn off that honey baked ham by doing these simple yet effective at-home workouts. 


Check it out:

Did you know dish washing can help lift your derriere?  Tis’ true! That is if you practice calf raises while cleaning.  Grab the edge of the sink for balance and go to town! Turn your living room into an aerobics class!  Provided you have a sturdy coffee table, try using it as a platform for step-ups.  If you do intervals of 30 step-ups at a consistent speed, you can increase your heartbeat ultimately burning fat! If you’re sitting in front of the TV, chances are you’re watching the beloved classic “A Christmas Story.”  Well don’t just sit there! Position yourself so that you have a good view and alternate holding a side plank.  After all, who doesn’t want a stronger core for Christmas! Instead of being a couch potato, why not try working off the potatoes using your couch!  Take a resistance band and loop it around the leg of the couch for the row boat exercise that will have you working on all the wobbly bits. Last but not least, we have what we like to call “motivated mopping.”  All you need is a kitchen towel and you can start sliding your way to a slimmer you.  Exercises like Sliding Mountain Climbers will make you a lean, mean, cleaning machine! Here's to lookin' hot this holiday!