Time for Take-off! - Helpful Holiday Travel Tips

18 December 2012

"Holiday Travel Tips" "Boarding Pass" "Flight Status" "Travel Tips" "Airports" "Friendly Skis" "Eboost" "Jet Lag" "Hydration" "Immunity" "Energy Drink"Ah....airports. It's a love/hate relationship. They are the holiday hub of chaos as travelers race to make their gate. Long lines, missed connections, and delays can cause the "friendly skies" to have you arriving angry. All hope is not lost! Turn that frown upside down, and follow our EBOOST helpful holiday travel tips that will put this season's celebratory spirit back in your step!   You snooze, you lose!  Try to book morning flights; afternoon departures tend to have a higher delay rate due to congested skies.  This will also help avoid residual delays since planes used for early flights are typically already waiting on the tarmac from the night before. Non-Stop flights are ideal.  The possibility of delays due to weather or air-traffic problems increase every time your plane touches the ground during peak travel hours; keep this in mind if you have a connection. It is also a smart idea to  avoid peak travel days altogether by booking your flights for two days before or after major holidays. Get moving!  Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours early (three hours early for international flights). Everyone is traveling during the holiday season, which makes for long lines and traffic jams.  Besides not missing your flight, this will help reduce airport stress.  Figuring out how to kill extra time at the airport is way better than missing your flight altogether. Go green!  Instead of driving yourself, have a friend, relative, shuttle, or taxi drop you off; roads are congested enough as is.  If you decide to drive and park at the airport lot, make sure to move your GPS, iPod, or anything else of value to your trunk or somewhere out of plain sight.  If you plan on leaving your car for quite some time, have jumper cables handy in case your battery dies. Sleepover.  Why worry about the airport commute at all? Book a room at an airport hotel the night before your flight to catch a few extra z’s. Double check!  Check your flight status prior to heading to the airport.  Departures and arrivals are often delayed during the holiday season. Lighten up!  Lugging heavy suitcases and big carry-ons make for an uncomfortable traveling experience, only then to face the inconvenience of reduced overhead bin storage.  If you come bearing gifts, it’s a good idea to ship them ahead of time.  This will save time and energy by lightening your load. Unwrap.  If you decide not to ship your gifts then leave them unwrapped! Security personnel may request to check your belongings and they will destroy your beautiful wrapping job. Gift bags are easily collapsed and make for a handy gift-wrapping option to have in your suitcase for when you arrive at your destination. Stock up.   Make the most of the your airtime and bring a good book, some music, an eye mask, pillows, or whatever else you might need to help you sit back and relax.   Most importantly, don't forget to slip an EBOOST in your bag to keep you hydrated and feeling good!  Jet set without jet lag!