Yoga Yellow Pages

04 December 2012

The quest for physical, mental, and spiritual balance is ever present in today's society and yoga is the anecdote people are turning to.  Achieving the "Yoga" "Stretching" "Flow" "Alignment" "Posture" "Breathe" "Dance" "Stress-reducing" "Aware" "Awake" "Health" "Exercise" "Workout" popular mind-body connection has now become tangible with a large variety of yoga practices to choose from.  We love our yoga here at EBOOST, but choosing a class can be overwhelming and the next thing we know the simple task of stretching seems to rival climbing Everest.


Here is our version of the Yoga Yellow Pages to help you navigate your way to your enlightened self. 


Anusara - Created by John Friend in 1997, Anusara is focused on the "power of the heart." The instructor guides the class through many "heart opening" poses like backbends. 

Ashtanga - Ashtanga is best suited for someone looking for more of a work out.  Commonly called Power Yoga,  Ashtanga can be more physically demanding than other yogas.

Bikram - Get ready to sweat! Bikram is practiced in a hot and humid room to increase blood flow and optimize detoxification. The series is an hour and a half and consists of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. Bikram instructors concentrate on alignment making it a good fit for beginners. 

Hatha - A  simple and basic stress-reducing practice, Hatha incorporates more slow and gentle movement.  Hatha describes any physical movement, so most all other yogas could be considered Hatha.  

Iyengar - Iyengar hones in on detail and precision with the use of props such as blocks, harnesses, straps, and cushions. With its' emphasis on precise alignment, Iyengar is a great form of physical therapy.

Jivamukti - Sharon Gannon and David Life founded Jivamukti on what they call the "five tenants." Not only does Jivamukti lead you through various postures, but it teaches oneness with community and environment through chanting and vegetarianism. 

Kundalini - Kundalini is defined as spiritual energy located at the base of the spine. This yoga uses a method of breathing, visualization, and mediation to achieve complete body awareness.  Kundalini classes provide more core work and can make for an overall intense experience.    

Prenatal - If you have a bun in the oven, Prenatal Yoga is an optimal way to receive exercise and health benefits. Most yogas provide a "prenatal series, " which tend to have a focus on breathing , helping prepare you for delivery day!

Vinyasa - Vinyasa, also known as "Flow Yoga," is the most popular style of yoga in America. Class becomes more like a dance due to its' fluid nature. Movement and breath are promoted through "sun salutations" along with various other postures that work on balance, strength, and flexibility. 


Happy Stretching!