The Ultimate Sports Drink

27 November 2012

We take hydration seriously, which is why EBOOST is our number one sports drink for post workout recovery. While drinking water is important, it is vital to replace electrolytes lost in sweat and the more we sweat, the more our body reduces its’ toxic load making it easier to burn unwanted fat.  Sign us up! However, without electrolytes, the water you drink has nothing to bond to causing it to simply flush right through your system.  

Electrolytes help:

-       keep the amount of water in your body in balance -       regulate your blood pressure and heartbeat -       prevent your body from becoming too acidic. Proper electrolyte replacement can also stave off muscle cramps and help stabilize energy levels, so you can make the most of your workout! Looking to double down? Try mixing our Acai Pomegranate EBOOST with your favorite brand of coconut water.  Now that’s what we call hydration!