Attack of the "Super Weed"

14 November 2012

EBOOST Orange Shot 6 PackWe are happy to announce that EBOOST Energy Shots are Non-GMO! If you’ve been perusing the super market aisles at your local health food store, you’ve probably noticed a growing trend of labels containing the phrase "Non-GMO."

What is GMO exactly?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level.

How is this done?

Genes from humans, bacteria, viruses, other plants, and even animals are injected into the seed. This process was created with the hope that crops would be less susceptible to pests, more resistant to drought, and stronger overall. However, like any "miracle drug," there are some less ideal side effects. These new genetically modified plants can now reproduce "super weeds," which require the use of stronger pesticides, ultimately increasing our intake of chemicals and toxins through our food. The result is what people are now calling "Frankenfoods." Many scientists have speculated that these "Frankenfoods" will trigger allergic reactions in some people, create new toxins that produce new diseases, and lead to antibiotic resistance causing a subsequent resurgence of infectious disease. Sounds like the plot of a bad horror film that we here at EBOOST don’t particularly care to star in, so be in the know and choose Non-GMO!