EBOOST Energy "Energy Boost" "Natural Energy" "Green Tea" Vitamins "Super Nutrients"Did you ever wish you were one of those people who LOVED waking up in the morning? That person who opened their eyes and was wide awake and ready to take on the day? Your biological clock may not ever allow you to be “that person.” But here are a few simple things you can do each morning to give you a little more energy to face your day with a smile.

1. Wake Up Warrior-Style

Your body has been in one position for 8 hours.  To stretch your spine and and wake up your muscles, do a few simple yoga stretches every morning like Downward Facing Dog, Cat, Cow or Warrior Pose.

2. H2Ooooohhhh, That’s Refreshing!

A splash of water on the face, or a steady stream under the shower head - there's something about water on the body that tells your brain, “I’m up!”. Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside-out with a glass of water upon waking.

3. Eggsactly What Your Body Needs

Make sure to start your day with a well-balanced meal. A healthy protein source like egg whites, cottage cheese, yogurt or turkey patty or tofu scramble will help curb your appetite while healthy carbs like fruits, vegetables and whole grains will give you that extra energy boost your body needs to start the day.

4. Morning Joe-A-Go-Go

Some people can't function without their first cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, and prefer a nice cup of decaffeinated herbal tea in the morning, you’ll find that the simple habit of sipping a morning beverage can be enough to signal your brain that it's time to wake up!

5. Open Your Eyes & Plug In To EBOOST

For a real energy boost, supplement your breakfast with EBOOST. It’s not only a great source of energy, but it’s a mind boost, a mood boost, a focus boost and a health boost. All the things you should be armed with when you leave your house each morning. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a “morning person” in no time!