Five Tips To BOOST Your Study Skills

03 October 2012

Study EBOOST Energy "Energy Boost" "Natural Energy" "Green Tea" Vitamins "Super Nutrients"School's in full swing and your exams are stacking up. Studying isn't always at the top of your "Most Fun Things To Do" list, but here are five tips that can make your study time more productive and successful.

1. Today I Will Study

Each morning, set aside 5 minutes to make a list of things you need to accomplish that day. What classes will you go to? What activities are planned? What homework do you have to finish? What tests do you have to take? Mapping out your day, and setting aside specific time for study, will give you a sense of organization and help you stick to a good study plan.

2. Shhhhhh, I’m Studying

Find a study spot that’s comfortable. Turn off the TV, avoid being tempted by texts by putting your phone on the other side of the room or zipping it up in your backpack, close down any social media sites on your computer and stick to the job at hand. Reward yourself at the end of your study break with a tasty treat or a 30-minute newsfeed stroll.

3. Read & Relate

Everyone has their own tricks to stimulate memorization. One way to commit text to memory is to relate what you’re reading to your life and your daily activities. By personalizing what you read, the information goes from being a distant thought to something you’re applying to your own everyday life.

 4. Slow & Study Wins The Race

Don’t try to cram your studying into one, long session. Break it up throughout the day. Daylight hours are optimal for studying because you’re wide awake and your mind is sharp. By scheduling just three 40-minute study breaks per day (on your To Do list!), you’ll hardly notice that you studied for a full two hours. That’s 14 hours each week! Whether you make time in between classes, over a sandwich or before your favorite TV show, small study breaks go a long way.

5. Food For Thought

What you take in through your mouth is just as important as what you take in through your eyes when you’re studying. Memory-boosting foods come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Fruits, vegetables and foods with Quercetin like EBOOST not only help boost your memory, but they help you keep your energy levels up so you don’t get sluggish while studying. Start your new study plan by memorizing these five steps, and you’ll be an Einstein in no time!