The Olympic Training Trifecta

09 August 2012

Attention armchair Olympians! Though you might not be in training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, we’ve picked a short training regimen inspired by three of this summer’s favorite Olympic athletes to get you started on your way to total fitness. Always remember to keep EBOOST handy for quick hydration along the way!

"Michael Phelps" EBOOST Energy "Energy Boost" "Natural Energy" "Green Tea" Vitamins "Super Nutrients"Put your Pedal To The Medal, Michael Phelps Style

swimming workout can get you fit from head to toe. From pecs to triceps to abs to legs, alternating strokes and increasing your laps can build strength, stamina and flexibility while providing a great cardio workout at the same time. Swimming is perfect for people with joint pain or those recovering from injury. Don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard? Check out your local YMCA or public pool. Though you might not come home with 22 medals around your neck like Michael Phelps, you’ll get a refreshing workout and a sport you can enjoy well into your golden years.

"Lolo Jones" EBOOST Energy "Energy Boost" "Natural Energy" "Green Tea" Vitamins "Super Nutrients"A Runner’s High Like Lolo Jones

When 100-meter-hurdler Lolo Jones goes into training, she takes to the stairs. Fifteen minutes of intense stair-climbing is equal to a 30-minute run. Thirty minutes of stair-climbing burns about 300 calories. Though you might not be ready for a 92,000 seat stadium like the one Jones scales in her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a high school football stadium or high-rise stairway will do the trick.  

EBOOST Energy "Energy Boost" "Natural Energy" "Green Tea" Vitamins "Super Nutrients"Taking It To The Mat With Gymnast Gabby Douglas

Gymnasts like Olympic darling Gabby Douglas make backbends look easy. If you’d like to put a little flex back in your arch, try this backbend over an exercise ball. It will give you a full back stretch, and is the perfect companion exercise to abdominal crunches.