Let EBOOST Give you a Lunchtime Lift

13 July 2012

EBOOST healthy energy drink mixAs a working stiff, I have to admit, my favorite time of day is, you guessed it, LUNCH! And thanks to EBOOST Pink Lemonade, it’s a sweet and refreshing pick-me-up I look forward to every day. I try to stay on a tight budget, so I bring a bag lunch. Usually, the core of lunch is a sandwich or salad hastily thrown together while my eyes are still half-closed in that post alarm clock period. Then I’ll toss in an individual sized package of cookies and snack crackers. To top it off, I’ll add an apple or an orange. The final touch – the piece de resistance you might say – is the pink package of EBOOST Pink Lemonade. This saves some weight because I don’t have to lug around a can of soda or a bottle of water (not to mention being a better choice for the environment). When noon rolls around – and not a moment too soon – I take out my trusty sack lunch and fix myself a refreshing EBOOST Pink Lemonade. Some days, when I really feel ambitious, I’ll make a half’n’half: EBOOST Pink Lemonade with iced tea, also known as an EBOOST Palmer. Oh yeah! The best part is that my lunchtime EBOOST Pink Lemonade gives a lift to my energy and my spirits. All afternoon I know that I’m smart because I have a full supply of my daily recommended vitamins and minerals. So that’s my lunchtime lift. What’s yours?