Life by Krystal Gets a BOOST

14 June 2012

EBOOST healthy energy drink mixKrystal Caracol from Castro Valley, California received a sample of Orange EBOOST in her December Birchbox but didn't care for the taste. We didn't want a little thing like flavor to keep her away from our all-natural healthy energy, so we sent her some Acai-Pomegranate to try. Here's what she had to say:
The powder dissolves completely so there is no gritty texture when drinking. The flavor is sweet like berry flavoring but not sweet like you typical berry drink. It tastes like a "light" drink would, with that "artificial sweetener" after taste. Overall, Acai Pomegranate is WAY better than Orange and I'm actually interested in buying a few more since it is full of "good stuff" and adds good points to my MyFitnessPal tracker.
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