A Reminder from EBOOST This Memorial Day: Stay Hydrated!

22 May 2012

Water Bottle EBOOST healthy energy drink mixWater can mean the difference between good health and sickness. Whether you drink it plain or add EBOOST, staying hydrated can:

Enhance mental clarity

A loss of just 2% in body water can cause short term memory loss and difficulty in concentration. Good hydration helps you stay mentally alert all day long.

Improve digestion

A digestive system without enough fluid will become constipated. Fluid is essential for nutrients to pass through the membranes of the intestines.

Help control body weight

For many people, the thirst mechanism in the body is mistaken for hunger. Instead of drinking, we eat and that can lead to weight gain. Drinking plenty of fluids helps correct this situation.

Relieve back and joint pain

A little known fact is that adequate hydration has been shown to relieve back and joint pain for as many as 80% of sufferers.

Soften skin texture

Proper hydration makes it possible for water to move through all the membranes so that the largest organ in your body, your skin, is soft and pliable. The aging process is slowed. Wrinkles are less pronounced. Baggy skin tightens.  

How to Get Hydrated

Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer for  many of us. Stock up on EBOOST now and be sure to stay hydrated during the hotter, dryer weather of this time of year. (Be sure to slather on that sunscreen, too!) EBOOST wants you to have a great Memorial Day weekend and summer kickoff! When someone says “EBOOST.” you can say “I’ll drink to that!”