Fashion Feng Shui by Catherine Sheppard

26 January 2012

Who says fashion is a guilty pleasure? Your wardrobe can actually change your life in big ways. Using nature’s five elements – Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal, Fashion Feng Shui® gives you all the tools you need to honor your authentic self through what you wear in your daily life. The first step on your journey of personal style is finding your essence and making fashion choices that help you honor it. So which element are you?  

WATER: The Philosopher

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Philosophers are the wise, intelligent, mysterious rebels of the bunch. They value creativity, spirituality, serenity, calmness, and freedom of expression above all else. They gain energy from alone time, and like to march to the beat of their own drum. Mantra Words: Unique. Creative. Offbeat. Intelligent. Celeb examples: Tilda Swinton, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp. Fabrics: Flowy or sheer fabrics like chiffon, sheer silk, and organza. Colors: Deep cool tones like black, deep blue, or dark purple. Styles: Asymetrical shapes like a one shoulder design, ethnic prints, gathering or ruching, reflective touches, and anything that goes “against the grain.” Designers/Brands: Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Prada, All Saints.  

WOOD: The Pioneer

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Our wood friends are the Energizer bunnies of the world. They are always on the go, love to be outdoors, and can’t ever seem to sit still. Pioneers are the happiest when they are accomplishing goals, tackling their To Do lists, and moving around at warped speed – whether that’s to the grocery store or halfway around the world. Mantra Words: Move. Grow. Activity. Celeb examples: Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey. Fabrics: Anything movable, non-fussy, and plant based, like cotton, jersey, linen, gauze, and denim. Colors: Fresh bright colors like marine blue and kelly green. Styles: Sporty, preppy, hippy, floral prints, or vertical stripes. Designers/Brands: J. Crew, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch.  

EARTH: The Peacemaker

Gap Burberry "Ralph Lauren" Vince "Catherine Sheppard" "The Life Styled" TheLifeStyled "Fashion Feng Shui" EBOOST healthy energy drink mix

Peacemakers are the nurturers who fill our lives with warmth, chocolate chip cookies, and hugs. They have an “old school” quality about them that makes everyone around them feel comfortable. Earths tend to be homebodies, and don’t always take well to big changes. They’re happiest when keeping to their own life long traditions. Mantra Words: Nurture. Grounded. Comfort. Classic. Celeb Examples: Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Amy Adams. Fabrics: Cozy and comfy, textured fabrics, tweed, raw silk, piqué. Colors: Earthy tones like brown, khaki, sage, and warm colors like yellow and orange. Styles: Boxy shapes, traditional or classic styles, plaid prints, “school girl.” Designers/Brands: Gap, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Vince.  

FIRE: The Pleasure Seeker

Versace "Roberto Cavalli" "Alexander McQueen" Topshop "Catherine Sheppard" "The Life Styled" TheLifeStyled "Fashion Feng Shui" EBOOST healthy energy drink mix

Pleasure seekers make an entrance into every room and grace the “audience” with their captivating presence! These are people who love fun, drama, and attention. They value their relationships with people above all else, and desperately seek the approval of others. They carry a certain glow with them wherever they go, and tend to always be laughing. Mantra Words: Fun. Captivating. Dramatic. Attention Getting. Celeb Examples: Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Jim Carrey. Fabrics: Anything that comes from an animal (or the faux versions) including wool, silk, and leather, attention getting fabrics like lamé, spandex, or sequin. Colors: Reds, purples, pinks, and anything really bright like neon, or jewel tones. Styles: Triangular shapes, dramatic trends, animal print, v-necks, anything that reveals your assets. Designers/Brands: Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Topshop.  

METAL: The Perfectionist

Chanel Gucci YSL "Yves Saint Laurent" "J. Crew" Zara "Catherine Sheppard" "The Life Styled" TheLifeStyled "Fashion Feng Shui" EBOOST healthy energy drink mix

For Metals, beauty truly is in the details. Perfectionists value elegance, order, luxury, and refinery. They are very meticulous and don’t like things to be out of place. They’re not the type to ever shop the sales, because they only want the best the world has to offer. They ooze grace and class wherever they go.  Mantra Words: Luxury. Elegant. Class. Perfection. Details. Celeb Examples: Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett Fabrics: Anything high quality and luxurious like cashmere, polished fabrics with a slight sheen, metallics. Colors: Ivory, white, silver, gold, creamy pastels. Styles: Anything classy, elegant, polished, and luxurious. True metals tend to stay away from prints, but round shapes like polka dots have a lot of metal energy. Nothing flashy or cheap. Designers/Brands: Chanel, Gucci, YSL, J. Crew, Zara.   With Fashion Feng Shui, the act of getting dressed is fun and easy. Not only does it empower you to narrow your style choices down to the things that are perfect for you, it also helps the world see you exactly how you want to be seen. Happy dressing! For more information about Fashion Feng Shui and daily style inspiration, stay connected with The Life Styled: Blog, Facebook, Twitter