BOOSTing the Sundance Film Festival

26 January 2012

Sundance EBOOST healthy energy drink mix The Sundance Film Festival: conjures up images of ski jackets and hot chocolate, right? Well, if you're a celebrity there's a whole 'nother side to this film industry staple. T.I. said it first, but gifting suites at the Sundance Film Festival really give his lyrics "snacks on me, Patrón on ice" true meaning—because in the gifting suites, baby, you really can have whatever you like. Business Insider has the lowdown on all the gifting suites available at this year's festival, but Celebzter zooms in on the best gift of all: free EBOOST! Here's what they have to say:
A slew of celebrities who attended the Miami Oasis  Suite at Sundance this past weekend walked away with this great gift bag, that included swag from as Udi’s, Burt’s Bees and EBOOST.
And for those out there that feel like there’s not enough time in the day and you need an added boost, EBOOST might be just the thing you are looking for,
Their motto explains it all: “EBOOST- Drink Smarter, play harder- Energy+Recovery”.
It is also one of Oprah’s favorite things! In Aug of 2011 she said “Finally an energy drink that gets its oomph from green tea, not chemicals or sugar”.
If it is good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us!
If you're attending a film festival this year, don't forget to BOOST! After all, there's nothing more uncool than falling asleep during the next indie hit.