EBOOST Added to BirchBox Store

16 December 2011

BirchBox EBOOST healthy energy drink mix Remember when we talked about Birchbox including EBOOST in their Bride-to-Be Box, back in October? No? Well let us refresh your memory. It was even mentioned on the Martha Stewart Show. Well, it turns out that the folks at Birchbox have become such EBOOST fans that they've added us to their permanent online store! Here's what they say about our Orange healthy energy drink mix:
These fizzy energy packets will bring out your inner Energizer bunny. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and a dose of natural caffeine, they dissolve in water to create a tasty orange tonic.
They also recommended EBOOST as one of their four hangover cures, along with burnt toast and fatty protein, aspirin and noise-canceling headphones. Click here to read their full list of recommendations. UPDATE: Birchbox now lists EBOOST in three separate articles:  Survival Kit: HolidaysOverindulgence Cures and Four Hangover Cures.