DermStore Loves EBOOST

18 November 2011

DermStore is the #1 online destination for skin care and beauty, and it's no secret that  they're also big EBOOST fans. Here's what They had to say about us recently:
With the holidays around the corner, we all could use a boost of nutrients and energy right about now – even Heidi Klum. Thanks to Vanessa (friend and coworker), I was introduced to EBOOST, an immune system supporter,  earlier this year and have been drinking it nonstop to support my immune system and give me an extra dose of energy when I need it. My first experience with EBOOST sealed the deal of loyalty and devotion. I had just come back from Europe and had a serious case of jet lag. Vanessa saw my sluggishness and passed me a packet of the Pink Lemonade-flavored Dietary Supplement, encouraging me to drink up to get through the day. It was love at first sip. I was able to power on without the jitters and protect myself from the office flu. One of the best parts about this fizzy drink supplement: it’sall natural and doesn’t contain sugar. No wonder Heidi looks great! ;) Below are my top reasons why you should add EBOOST to your Favorites list on
  1. It’s great for on-the-go and battling hangovers! Definitely one of my favorite products for traveling and concert hopping.
  2. A secret of celebrities, EBOOST has been helping the rich and famous keep ahead of the paparazzi. Fans of EBOOST include Oprah, Amar’e Stoudemire (NY Knicks) and Project Runway/Victoria’s Secret Icon, Heidi Klum. See why she loves it here.
  3. You can mix EBOOST with water, tea, juice or even alcohol to make a fun cocktail.
To read the full article and to see Vanessa's tasty EBOOST recipes, click here.