Co-Founder John McDonald Doesn’t Do Dessert, Drinks Rosé During a Hurricane

03 September 2011

Grub Street John McDonald Lure Fishbar B&B Winepub Merc Chinatown Brasserie EBOOST healthy energy drink mix
Like many New Yorkers, John McDonald — owner of Lure FishbarB&B WinepubChinatown Brasserie, and MercBar — has been having a strange week. "Because of the hurricane, I was kind of limited in not being able to go where I'd normally go, not being able to walk into my own venues," he says. "It was a weird, almost Christmas Day–like eeriness." Of course, even when his restaurants are closed, he's still got his other businesses — City MagazineTasting Table, and EBOOST among them — to keep him busy. Not to mention Chinatown Brasserie's cameo on last week's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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