From BevNet: EBOOST Super Berry Shot Goes Nationwide!

13 August 2011

BevNet EBOOST Super Berry Shot healthy energy drink mix In case you didn't know, BevNet is the most popular beverage industry website and publication. Kind of like a Variety for the drinks world but with less George Clooney coverage. This week, BevNet covered the rapid rise to fame of our very own Super Berry Shot. In the last month, our shot has been rolled out to all 500 nationwide Vitamin Shoppe stores, as well as being the Item of the Week at Duane Reade. Here's what BevNet had to say about our shot's popularity:
EBOOST’s latest natural energy product, the Super Berry Natural Energy Shot, has been hot on the radar of many national accounts for several months. And just this month, EBOOST has rolled out in 500 Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide and in all Duane Reade Pharmacies, where this week the shot also appears as the “Item of the Week” on 800 cash wraps. “We are extremely proud to get behind a natural energy shot,” said one New York City Vitamin Shoppe manager. “It’s about time there’s a healthy alternative on the market.” It’s not just the Vitamin Shoppe and Duane Reade that have recognized the importance of a natural, healthy energy shot alternative. This month both Oprah and Heidi Klum have named EBOOST as one of their favorite things! In the August 2011 issue of O Magazine Oprah wrote, “Finally, an energy drink that gets its oomph from green tea, not chemicals or sugar.” And on Heidi Klum’s new AOL site she says, “EBOOST is the absolute best way to get my energy up with its combo of green tea, vitamins and minerals."
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