Foodtrainers Offers Tips for Healthy Travel Eating

21 July 2011

Foodtrainers travel snack bundle EBOOST healthy energy drink mixFoodtrainers is a NY-based nutrition company created by Lauren Slayton M.S., R.D.  They offer nutrition counseling, lectures and grocery store tours. They even offer a small number of portable, healthful foods made by other companies, including EBOOST. In their latest blog post, Foodtrainers has put together some tips for healthy eating on-the-go. Traveling is one of the most challenging times for anyone trying to stick to a healthy diet. Airport food isn't known for its nutritional value, and security rules prohibit bringing many foods from home. Once you arrive at your destination, you might be tempted to use the "I'm on vacation" excuse and go wild with the room service menu. Don't do it! Instead, check out the Foodtrainers list, including EBOOST, of course!
"Bust bloat and jet lag at once. 'Boost' contains green tea and vitamin C. It’s the perfect healthy, stevia-sweetened energy drink. Just mix with a tall glass of water and enjoy."
If you're serious about healthy eating away from home, check out the Foodtrainers Travel Snack Bundle. All their snack recommendations for just $25!