A Pilot’s Favorite Aims for the Sky

01 July 2011

Everyone knows the importance of proper supplements for athletes and everyone who wants to function at peak performance. But what about people for whom energy and alertness is a matter of life and death? Gamut News just published an interview with pilot Richard Rofé , an EBOOST devotee.
"Entrepreneur and investment fund manager Richard Rofé recently earned his pilot’s license after many intensive hours of training and practice. One constant safety theme taught was the importance of being alert and focused before and during flight. Rofé put aside the coffee and began trying energy drinks, shots and powders as part of his typical preflight preparations, but found them to do nothing more than provide quick bursts of energy with an ill feeling afterwards. Rofé thought he had tried them all when he came across an article in Men’s Fitness magazine touting a product called EBOOST, which claimed to be an all-natural and healthy way of boosting energy and focus while supporting your health. After trying the product, Rofé was hooked, as EBOOST provided the sustained energy and focus he was looking for as a pilot. 'I liked the product so much I gave it out at the FBO where I keep my SeaRey Sport Amphibian and I got the same response from all the pilots there, including the renowned stunt pilot and air show performer Michael Mancuso,' explained Rofé.  'Mike and my other pilot friends were so enthusiastic about the product that I bought a piece of the company and joined its Board of Directors.' Last week the company brought on Mancuso as a spokesperson for the aviation vertical and it has recently begun a campaign targeting pilots worldwide with its kick off at the Jones Beach Airshow in Wantagh, Long Island.  The company, with Michael Mancuso out in front, is proactively developing awareness of EBOOST in the aviation community. This comes at a time when a growing trend of aviation accidents has been linked to pilot fatigue and diminished concentration. Coffee has always been the traditional method pilots chose for energy and alertness; however, caffeine provides unsustainable energy and little nutritional benefit. Besides dehydrating the body, coffee is also usually served hot, making it difficult and potentially dangerous to drink in the cockpit of smaller aircraft. The EBOOST Superberry Energy Shot is only 2 fluid ounces and is loaded with high-grade vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This product contains green tea extract, chromium and zinc, providing energy and focus without the harmful effects of caffeine. As Michael Mancuso explains, 'I know first-hand that pilot error can occur even with a slight loss of focus and vigilance during flight.  EBOOST is the healthy choice for energy and concentration and it is part of my everyday routine.'"