This Week's Booster of the Week: Triathlete Travis Burrell

25 May 2011

Travis Burrell Booster of the Week EBOOST healthy energy drink mixTravis Burrell is a familiar face to anyone competing in triathlon and ironman competitions. He's also the creator of the popular THE RACK Workout, demonstrated by Owen McKibben. So it's no surprise that he's an EBOOST fan. Travis contacted us recently to let us know how EBOOST keeps him going through long workouts. "I was going to do 3000 meters in the pool but decide to do 4 loops(2.1 miles each loop) around the Brentwood Country Club with the middle 4 miles including 12x90 second( 5:40 mile pace) pick-ups instead! Great workout! I was rocking the EBOOST. Kept me going and no tightness or cramping. I will probably be pacing a friend at the San Diego Marathon June 5...that's the next little diddy for me." Travis, we're in awe of your talent and determination! Keep rocking that EBOOST and you'll knock 'em dead at the San Diego marathon.